Huaye Environmental at the China Glass 2024|华业环保亮相第33届中国玻璃展

Huaye Environmental at the China Glass 2024|华业环保亮相第33届中国玻璃展



On 25th April 2024, China Glass 2024 was held in Shanghai New International Expo Centre. Huaye Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is present at this exhibition, booth No. N2 126.

2024年4月25日,第33届中国国际玻璃工业技术展览会在上海市新国际博览中心隆重举行。华业环保技术有限公司亮相本次展会,展位号N2 126。


On the scene, the company's self-developed glass deep processing wastewater treatment equipment became the focus of attention. This equipment has successfully attracted the attention and consultation of many customers both at home and abroad by virtue of its low carbon and environmental protection, low operating cost, high degree of intelligent automation, high degree of water purification, protection of glass grinding production equipment, and enhancement of product quality of glass products. 


Our company also made a detailed introduction to the advanced technology in environmental protection and resource recycling, fully demonstrating the comprehensive layout and profound strength in the field of environmental protection. This not only demonstrated the company's technical strength and set up an excellent brand image, but also enhanced the trust and recognition of customers to Huaye Environmental Protection, laying a solid foundation for deepening the cooperation with customers in the future.



In the future, our company will continue to uphold the determination of green development, focusing on environmental protection technology innovation, empowering the new quality of productivity, and helping to realise the environmental protection industry green low-carbon transformation and high-quality development and high-level protection of the ecological environment.